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Coffee Contrails consists of more than forty talented individuals, who all share the desire to collaborate on creative projects to produce radio plays and audiobooks. Regardless of where we are located, we can now file share online to create stories together.

We appreciate the following folks for their time and contributions:

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Coffee Contrails pairs emerging authors, vocal talent, musicians, and audio engineers to create free, adventurous audiobooks. Learn more at coffeecontrails.com.

News Event 8.15.14
Coffee Contrails is a (tickled-pink) recipient of a 2014 Develop Grant from the Arts Council Santa Cruz County.

In the months to come, we will be pulling together a business / financial plan with a few goals: make the group self-sustainable, develop guidelines so people can contribute more easily, and create artistic jobs.

We will continue to pair up self-publishing authors with voice talent, musicians, and audio engineers to create stories, radio plays, audiobooks, & audio-comics.

Coffee Contrails is a means for emerging talent to get noticed, creatively collaborate with others, and share creations online.

Thank you, Arts Council Santa Cruz County, for being a proud supporter of Coffee Contrails. https://www.facebook.com/ArtsCouncilSantaCruzCounty

Additional Stories

Fatale by Mike Handley

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  • The World of Mañana: Storming Shangri-La by Jack Philpott
  • Sorrow by Anita Dime
  • Leo on the Train by Meera Collier

Under Review

  • Working title: by Aaron Umetani
  • Working title: by Meera Collier
  • Working title: "Reunion" by David Pirinelli
  • Working title: "Document13" by Cristina Romero
  • Working title: by John Tracy
  • Working title: by Dove
  • Working title: by Josh Gilliland
  • Working title: Freddy Finn in "the Catfish Burglar" by Thomas Throop
  • Working title: "Lost & Found" by RJ Numanan
  • The Whisper in the Darkness by H.P. Lovecrafts, adapted by Anita Dime
  • El extraño case del Doctor Jekyll y Mister Hyde by R.L. Stevenson, adapted by Anita Dime

About Us

Coffee Contrails features original noir and sci-fi "radio" plays & audiobooks.

Our Mission

Coffee Contrails offers a method for emerging artists from a variety of mediums to collaborate and create new art as a group. It showcases their works, provides state-of-the art sound equipment, professional editing, and project management, enabling artists to express their unique craft. From writing, to visual art, to voice acting, Coffee Contrails provides access to the entry-level artist.

Begin with one person's story. Now add voices, music, and sound effects. The story continues to morph, a new creative thing made by many. Add visual "cover art" and share with others.

Like that old Reese's commercial: "Your peanut butter is in my chocolate. Your chocolate is in my peanut butter." Coffee Contrails pairs self-publishing authors with local artistic talent, providing access to recording equipment and the internet know-how to share with the world.

See behind the scenes photos.

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Our Supporters

Arts Council Santa Cruz County

Many thanks to the cast and crew that volunteered their time to create these stories.

Special thanks to John Picha for graphic design support and the kick in the butt to keep Coffee Contrails going.

Special thanks to BlueOnly.tv for contributing recording and audio editing expertise in the early years.

Also, couldn't have done it without the awesome sound effect libraries available for purchase at The Hollywood Edge.

Coffee Contrails received a 2014 Develop Grant from the Arts Council Santa Cruz County. This award supported the creation of a business and financial plan to explore growing the Coffee Contrails podcast, but it was decided that creating a non-profit structure would take the focus away from creating the stories. Read more >>


If you'd like to participate, we'd love to hear from you. Dream along with us by filling out our contact form.

Starting in 2020, Coffee Contrails will begin accepting short story submissions for upbeat adventures. We are working on the details on how submissions will be accepted, but hope to have it figured out soon.

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